Monday, March 23, 2009

Teresa Santiago
Love my black hair
Sibling of Teresa and Melissa
Lover of Partys and firends
Who fears Sharks and Scary movies
Who needs Boys lol
Who gives Teacher Respect
Who would like to see My school play
Resident of Bronx all day

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Teresa Santiago Ms. Bentley
3/19/09 702

Together all day
My friends so cool to be with
God thank you for them

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teresa Santiago Ms.Bentley
3/17/09 702

My poem
You must be a young lady called Sue
who will sit on the road eating stew
I don't know if I'll stay
I will be home for the play
Then we will eat two raccoons
Till i turn blue
Teresa Santiago Ms.Sa
3/17/09 702

Native American Museum

The things i learn on the trip was about how was the Native of Americans (southern) way back in the days and what they use to use to defend them selfs from the animals and stuff,and what they use to were for they parades and how they use to celebrate they culture.

Teresa Santiago Ms.Bentley
3/17/09 702

The Storm

The thunder came down all around town
The black clouds crashed the tall trees down
The lightning flashed the cracked pouring rain

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ms.Bentley 3/13/09
Teresa Santiago

What I did over the break

I had so much fun over break i spend it with my family and we played, and did more stuff you will do over break. I think the break went by slow because i was waiting to come back to see my friends and have fun.
It was kind of normal but it was fun and i wish i could have went to my friends house n have fun with them.
I did everything i wanted to do over break and some stuff i miss when i was in school was sleeping.
How do we Evaluate Algebraic Expression?

Today in class I learn how to write algebra expression different ways, and to solve it even dough its written differently. I am going to write tree expression to show how it can be showing, differently and solve the question with a different way but then get the same answer.

Different ways to solve algebra expression

12x: ( 12*x, 12(x), 12•x,

4/y: 4÷y,

3xy/2: 2/yx3, yx3/2