Friday, May 29, 2009

What did we learn from Career Day?

Teresa Santiago

The name of my presenter was Sara Khan, and she thought me that when you want to become something you have to keep on and don't stop and she thought that she became what she became because she didn't stop. She was clear about what she said and she explained everything right so thats what i liked about her.
Teresa Santiago

Some things i enjoyed was that they had came and told use what they do like what they careers are. And about how they got to be were they at now so i thank them for that and they told us how they felt when they became what they are so i liked everything about the stuff they tough us about them.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Its so powerful that is the language most spoken in New York City. Some people call each other names because they think is cool because they see other people doing it. I don't call people name but when somebody get me mad i do because it the first thing that comes out my mouth. I think they might feel bad but they get you to a point that you have to because they got you mad.
People often call other people names like everyday and every second of the day. Theres a lot of people being teated for being gay so its like if you live with somebody gay. People feel so bad that they don't even want to come to school.

Petrocelli calls Steve a monster because she thinks he looks like one and thats how they see him as a monster so thats why Petrocelli called him a monster. You use a thing and a person to describe a metophor. He feels so mest up because he knows hes not a monster and he feels he should't be called a monster. He shows people that hes not a monster and does what he got to do. Yea because everybody stays calling him a monster when he knows hes not. I don't think Steve is a monster because he was not the that person i read about in the book.I think Steve is innocent because he seems like a person that dosen't try to get introuble.

Do you think the jury sees Steve as a monster? If you were on the jury would you think Steve was a monster? Why? why not? Why did Steve title his book monster?
I think the jury does see Steve as a monster because she gives him trial. No i would not think Steve is a monster because thats just my opinion.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How do you feel about the other videos that you saw? Do you think your video is the best, why or why not? Who's video did you enjoy the most, why? What advice do you have for a student from another school who has never used IMovie? If someone has never read Monster before, do you think they will understand what you're talking about when looking at your film?

I feel good because it was fun about it i liked it and we could make bloppers and stuff.
And i did it with the people i want like my friends and when i showed my video some people like it like my classmets.

1. Change some pictures around.
2. Speak faster
3.Have some bloppers.

I don't feel mines was the best at all because we need more work.I liked maryjos group the most they had everything they needed.And i think if some body will read that book monster they wiil like it.