Monday, April 27, 2009

Teresa Santiago

I think racism still exist and, they are out there but they not shown because they are not many but they still are.It exist when you tell somebody or show them you don't like them by they skin color.i Have never experience  racism. No he does not because they never said noting about him but in another way it seems like he did because they don't even know him so they could be locking him up.

I think it still exist because some people don't even get what they want and its mostly black people. Yea i think its could happen cause they just like everybody else. I think he will. I think he did it for no reason because he don't even know him to be just telling him he's staying.

 I think they racism because they have no life and maybe they were still raced to be like even dough they not suppose thats my opinion.I think it because they don't want to its not everybody been racism its them not wanting to go to college.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Teresa Santiago Ms. Bentley
4/1/09 702

Today in class i learn that Idioms are little phrases or say sentence that are not writtin the way is suppose to is a different way that is writtin for example: AMA WASH YOU, it does mean am going to take you a bath it means to people going to fight,