Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teresa Santiago

Lake Compound

The place i went for my 7Th grade trip was to Lake Compound, and it was in Candi cut. The time we left was at 8:30 and the time it took to get over there was like 2 hours in a half. While waiting on the bus i was listening music and i was sleeping until we got over there.It was so nice the park it was big and colorful. While i was there i was happy talking to my friends and exited.The movies i seen on the bu was Harry Potter and The Dark night. I felt so sleepy most of the time,cause i didn't mostly thinking about the trip.

When i arrived at the park i was so exited to be there because i was seeing people on the rides and screaming so i had got more exited. The people that were in my group were my friends Natasha, Micheal, Sheila, and more people but my Teacher was Mr. Fara ugh he was so cool. The first ride i got on was a Roller Coaster it was so fun it was called Wildcats. All the roller coaster's were my favorite cause i like all of them. I liked all of them because they were fast and fun.The ride i really dislike was the tower because i started to cry on that one.Everything was fun on most of the rides i went on. My teacher went on all the rides with our group.We ate french fries drank free soda and ate hot dogs it was good.

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